Yusuf Kazab – false certificate of khilafat Uzma

Yusuf Kazab – false certificate of khilafat Uzma – he produced to the court claiming that it was delivered to him by shah ahmed ghazi – a saint died a few hundred years ago buried in Karachi and that this certificate was attested by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ( rua )



Discussion and report by Ismail Quraishi Lawyer :

He [Yusuf Kazab] has submitted a document which has been exhibited as 111. by the trial court and is also part of this book as Schedule I. About this document he claimed that it was certificate directly soul to him by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) declaring him to be Khalifa-i-Aazam. According to admission in the cross examination by me all the Prophets were appointed as Khalifas i.e. vicegerents of God on earth and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is Klialila-i-Azam. chief vicegerent, so by virtue of this certificate, now he is Khalifa-i-Azam on earth. He further admitted in the cross examination that neither one of four Caliphs was holding the high office of Khalifa-i-Azam. In an answer to the Question he said this certificate of Khalifa-i-Azam from the Holy Prophet was sent to him by a saint of Karachi, Abdullah Shah Ghazi through the medium of computer on his letter pad. It is interesting to note that the said saint of Karachi had died 300 year ago. In the said certificate which is in English, the convict has been addressed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as Khalifa-e-Azam, Hazrat Imam Al-Shcikh Abu A.H. Muhammod Yusuf All. In the said certificate the convict has been declared that his knowledge is all encompassing and his wisdom is supreme. In explanation of this declaration the convict said that he is commentator of Holy Quran. He knows all about Hadees and Fiqh. He is master of Tassawwuf and also knows all the worldly sciences. In order to testify his all encompassing knowledge and wisdom, I cross examined him in regard to his religious knowledge and put questions relating to modern scientific research. I would like to mention here that the convict has stated in the court that he has been receiving all the messages direct from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) either in Arabic or English. I asked him His connotation of Quranic word “Taqwa”, but he was unable to answer. 1 asked him the meaning of “amplitude” and “resurrection”, the words on the top of the certificate of Khalifa-i-Azam, but he miserably failed to tell the simple meanings of these words. He was unable to tell even the names of six authentic books of Hadees (Sihah Sittah), known and respected all over the Muslim world after the Holy Quran. He has no knowledge of a very famous Hadees of Madinatul Ilm in respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Ali (RA) despite his claim of being Al-i-Rasool, descendant of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), whereas he is Bhatti by caste according to his school certificate. His name was Yusuf Ali according to school & college certificates and service record (Schedule II), He added “Muhammad” after retirement with malicious design to doge and defraud people for gelling huge amount and property worth millions of rupees by means of deception in the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). These facts have been proved by his own admissions and admitted documents. Kindly see the judgment.

Ismail Quraishi further adds in his foreword that …

With this background, the convict Yusuf Ali followed the footsteps of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and proved himself by oral and documentary evidence that he is true successor in interest of his predecessor impostor. First he approached to the religious quarter as preacher of Islam, then as Mard-e-Kamil, thereafter as Imam-al-Waqt i.e. Mehdi, the next step after Mehdi was declaring himself as Khalifa-i-Azam, We have already given details of soli upgrading. He then claimed himself to be the Holy Prophet (PBUH) before the followers in the basement named as Ghar-i-Hira. Like Ghulam Ahmed Mirza he was also not satisfied with this so called claim therefore finally in order to show himself greater than the last Prophet of Allah (PBUH) he declared that 1400 years back the Holy Prophet was on duty, but in the present times he has attained the perfection and finality of the prophethood by beauty.

Statements Of Muhammad Yusuf Ali Regarding Certificate of Khilafat e Azam

Yusuf Ali gave the following statements in response to various questions asked by Advocate Ismail Quraishi regarding the Certificate of Khilafat e Azam. The statement was recorded in multiple hearings, therefore pieces of the statement have different dates. What follows below are the actual words of Yusuf Ali.

R.O & A.C.



19.07.2000. Statement of Mohammad Yousaf Ali,

accused (Recalled on oath)

XXXXX By learned counsel for the complainant.

It is correct that the document Exh.DL is the Certificate relating to the spiritual aspect awarded to me by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) awards Spiritual Certificate of this nature. It is correct that in the document Exh.DL, the sentence ‘Khalif-e-Azam Hazoor Syed-e-Na-Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Ka-Khalif-e-Azam Hazrat Imam (Al Sheikh) Abu AH-Mohammad Yousaf Ali is the ‘Laqab’ awarded to me by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Volunteers that in accordance with Surat Hajj Verse No. 78, every Muslim after all efforts should prove himself as ‘Khalifa’ of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) subject to His confirmation. It is correct that the portion “M” to “M” is the part and parcel of document Exh.DL. This ‘Shahadat’ has been awarded to us by Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi and this Shahadat has also been given by the other Aulia-e-Karam. All Aula-e-Karam are alive and this Shahadat has been awarded by them. I cannot say that this Shahadat has been given by the ‘Aula-e-Karam at the instance of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) or not. The Portion “N’ to “N\ as given in document Exh.DL, is Alhamdulillah correct and it is for me. I know ‘English’, ‘Urdu’, ‘Punjabi’, little ‘Arabic’, little ‘Persian’ and the language of ‘love’. The language of love means the love and affection if awarded to any body by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). It is correct that I am expert in Philosophy, Psychology, Modern Science or in any other subject nor I have learnt these subjects through Books except that I have been tutored by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and the knowledge like mirror, as referred in page No. 175 of the Book titled ‘Khutbat-e-Nabuwwat (Exh.D/II) compiled by Maulana Mohammad Ismail Shujaabadi, which I mean as under:-

‘Ana-Madinatul-Ilam-Wa-Ali-Babuha, announced by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is the part of Hadith and it is correct. I have not studied ‘Hi.kmat-ul-Ishraq’ in Philosophy. Volunteers that there is no knowledge of the mirror and that the mirror has only to reflect. It is correct that I had been staying in Europe. I have not heard the name of Averor. The meaning of supreme wisdom, as used in document Exh.DL is that I am nothing. I have not read the Book as ‘Kitabul’ Tawaseen’. It may be correct that just by chance I have referred the said Book in my statement before this court. I do not know Dr. Mycinu. I do not know Hussain-ibne-Mansoor’ exactly but I have heard about him. I have heard that Hussain-Ibne-Mansoor is also known as ‘Hallaj. It is incorrect that he was hanged. Volunteers that his body was cut into pieces and he was killed in the way. I have not dictated for myself as ‘Ahl-e-Bayat’ but I wish so Volunteers that eveyr ‘Muttaqi’ is ‘Ahl-e-Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him). Taqva’ is defined in Surat Baqra Verses No. 3 and 4′. The meaning of ‘Mutaqqi’ is also given of Verses of Surat Baqra, referred by me. There is difference in between ‘Ahle-Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him) and Ahle-e-Bayat-e-Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him). The children of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) are ‘Aal-e-Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) while ‘Aal-e-Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him) means all ‘Mutaqqi’ ctatpH that the Sahaba people. It is means the companion, members can be called as ‘Ahle-e-Bayat. Volunteers that ‘Ahl-e-Bayat Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him) is different terminology and simple ‘Ahl-e-Bayat’ is different. It is correct that my name by birth was ‘Mohammad’ but later on my parents got written the name as ‘Yousaf Ali, in the Admission Form of the School and also in the College. My name as ‘Yousaf Ali Nadeem’ was written in the 9th Class and since it was difficult to have changed the name, therefore, my name as ‘Yousaf AH Nadeem’ was written upto my service record. As soon as I left the service, I got my name corrected as ‘Mohammad Yousaf Ali’. It is correct that my name as ‘Yousaf Ali Nadeem’ used to be written in the College.

The word ‘Nadeem’ was added in my name in 9th Class. My name as ‘Yousaf Ali Nadeem’ has been written in the Matriculation Certificate and simply ‘Yousaf Ali’ was written in the Primary-Certificate. No one can as being the person write ‘Sallaho Alhe-Wassalam’ over the name Mohammad if Mohammad is part of the name of any person. It is correct that in the documents Exh.DL and DM I have written my name as ‘Mohammad Yousaf Ali’.

At this statge, there is a dispute that as to whether any fluid has been used in the document Exh.DL and DM over the name of ‘Mohammad’ to override ‘Sallaho Alhe-Wassalam’ the abbreviation written on the name of ‘Mohammad’, on which the learned defence counsel has shown the original documents in their custody but by the mirror (Magnified Glass) if seen carefully there appears the use of fluid but this dispute shall be resolved later on at the stage of arguments and whatsoever the original documents are, those shall remain with the accused as same have not been produced on the last date.

Upon a request of the learned defense counsel this fact is also brought on record that on the last date the originals of Exh.DL and DM were returned to the learned defence counsel.

(The remaining statement of the accused shall be recorded on the next date).

R.O. & A.C.



Statement of Mohammad Yousaf Ali,

accused, (Recalled on oath.

XXXXX By learned consel for the complainant.

Through Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi Rehmatullah-Ale, I came to know that all Aolia-e-Karam have verified this Certificate Exh.DL. Apparently and Physirally Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi has passed away.

The shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi is in Karachi. I do not know the date or the period with regard to the passing away of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi. Prior to the information, as mentioned by me, as above, I had no knowledge about ‘Silsila-e-Tasawwuf of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi as to where he is connected. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi informed me about the contents of the Certificate Exh.DL indirectly. It was my spiritual experience and I was on receiving end. I received Certificate Exh.DL directly from the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but it was verified indirectly by the ‘Aolia-e-Karam’ through Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi. Volunteers that this Certificate was received spiritually and I cannot tell the details in this regard. I had received the document Exh.DL spiritually and I cannot tell its detail that as to whether I received document Exh.DL, eitehr typed or un-typed. It is correct that document Exh.DL is computerised/typed document. I had got this document Exh.DL. computerised/typed from Islamabad. It is correct that whatsoever is feeded to the Computer, it may be returned in the shape of a document. It is correct that there may be a change in feeding of the Computer and receiving of the document if some change is caused therein. Definitely the verification (tasdeeq) of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani, Imam-e-Aolia would be included in the verification as explained by me. Since I was informed I that its verification is from all Aolia, therefore, the | verification by Hazrat Junaid Bughdadi, Syed-e-Taifa, is also included therein. I am not aware of all Sufic-ordes. ‘ Volunteers that since I had received training directly from the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), therefore, I have no contact with the ‘Aolia-e-Karam. It is correct that first of all Hazrat Adam Alahe-Salam was bestowed with Khilafat. Volunteers that the Khilafat bestowed to Hazrat Adam Alah-e-Salam bestowed to the Prophets upto Hazrat Issa Alah-e-Salam was Khilafat of Hazoor Mohammad Nabiul Ummi (Peace Be Upon Him). After

the ‘Wisaal’ of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) the Khilafat went to ‘Khulfa-e-Rashideen’ and first of all to Hazrat Abubakar Siddique Razi Allah Tala Anho. I do not know the details of Khilafat bestowed to Hazrat Abubakar Siddique Razi Allah Tala Anho. I do not know if Hazrat Abubakar Siddique Razi Allah Tala Anho after receiving the Khilafat called himself ‘Khalif-tur-Rasool’. I do not know the details to ‘Khutba’ delivered in the ‘Masjid-e-Nabwi’ by Hazrat Abubakar Siddique Razi Allah Tala Anho….

… I do not know the Writer of document Exh.DL, I know as to who had typed this document (Exh.DL) but I cannot tell his name. It is incorrect that since I do not know the name who typed document Exh.DL, therefore am not telling his name. I have not shown document Exh.DL to –

R.O. & A.C.



Statement of Mohammad Yousaf Ali,

accused Recalled on oath.

XXXXX By the learned counsel for the complainant.

I know ‘Siha Sitta’ which are six in number. Sahi Bokhari Sharif, Sahi Muslim Sharif, Mota Imam Malik and others, and also Musnad Imam Ahmed Bin Hambal. Abu Dawood and Tirmizi Sharif. I have stated about ‘Siha Sitta’, which are in my knowledge. I have not studied Hadith on the line the question has been put to me by the learned counsel for the complainant and I cannot say with certainty that so to whether Mota Imam Malik is included in ‘Siha Sitta’ or not. Volunteers that I have much regard for all sorts of collection of Hadith. It is correct that I have heard the Hadiths put by the learned counsel for the complainant, which are as under:-

Hadith referred by me in my statement are not mentioned in ‘Siha Sitta’. It is correct that ‘Siha Sitta’ are admitted to be correct and valid by all school of thoughts….

R.O. & A.C.



21.7.2000. Statement of Mohammad Yousaf Ali,

accused, Recalled on oath

XXXXX By learned counsel for the complainant.

‘Alif, Laam and Meem’ are abbreviative words of Noble Holy Quran. There are fourteen abbreviative words in the Holy Quran. I cannot say without reference that the furteen abbreviations are secret in between Allah Almighty and the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). I do not know if Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas Razi Allah Tala Ano’ had narrated the meanings of these abbreviations. Volunteers that first of all Holy Quran and Ahle-Bayat are relevant for me to follow but I have much regard and respect of those who follow the Holy Quran and Sunnah. It is correct that in accordance with the Hadith, the Ho’y Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) also said that I left two things, one is Holy Quran and the other is ‘Sunnah’. The message recorded on document Exh.DL is my letter-pad. The word ‘Mohammad’ (Peace Be Upon Him) on the one upper side of document Exh.DL is not seal of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but it is the ‘Isme-Mubarik’ (Holy Name) of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Note: “The above mentioned reply has been given by the accused after some interference by his counsel and they are advised to remain silent while trr; answer is being given by the accused himself who is competent.” …

XXXXX By learned counsel for the complainant.

It is correct that in pages Exh.13, 14, 15, 16 and 17, as mentioned above, it is not mentioned that the Arabic language is not essential to be known by ‘Aulia-e-Karam’. It is my personal affair, so I cannot tell that as to whether I had been receiving the spiritual messages from Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) either in Arabic or in English. It is also my personal affair that as to in which language the ‘Aulia-e-Karam’ conveyed their messages to me, therefore, I cannot tell the language.

Even, I cannot tell the detail of the verification portion ‘M’ to ‘M’ of Exh.DL so far the language is concerned. Similarly, I cannot tell the language in which the message portion “N” to “N” in Exh.DL was received by me. I cannot say that I know English better than other languages. It is correct that the message recorded in the upper portion of document Exh.DL portion “K” to “K” is mine and also of my Committee and I am responsible for it. It is correct that I know the meaning of the word ‘Amplitude’ used in portion “K” to “K” of document Exh.DL. I know the meaning of the word ‘Amplitude’ as ‘Amplitude’. I know the meaning of the word ‘Resurrect’ used in portion “K” to “K” as ‘Resurrect’ in English. I do now know the meaning of ‘Resurrect’ in this way that of raising from the dead and I cannot deny the dictionary meaning. Volunteers that the meaning of this word ‘Resurrect’ in my mind is Verse No. 17 of Surat Yaseen. It is incorrect that neither I know English nor Urdu nor Arabic nor Punjabi. Exh.DL is a manufactured document. It is incorrect to suggest that I manufactured Exh.DL just to grab money from the innocent persons and also from those who have very little knowledge of the religion. It is incorrect to suggest that under the grab of this document Exh.DL. I have extorted millions of rupees from the innocent persons. It is incorrect to suggest that I have extorted money from Mohammad Ali Abubakar, Brig. Dr. Mohammad Aslam, Rana Mohammad Akram, Sajid Munir Dar and others. I never posed to be ‘Imam’ in the past. It is incorrect that I have posed to be ‘Imam-e-Waqt\ The word ‘Imam’ written in document Exh.DL is not from any side but this word has been bestowed by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). I myself did not declared myself ‘Khalif-e-Azam’. …

… Volunteers that when I delivered the speech in Exh.DN, there was no mention of the prosecution witnesses. I have been made ‘Director General’ of the ‘World Assembly’. I cannot tell the number of Members of this ‘World Assembly’. I cannot tell the details of the Board of the Directors. The manifesto of the World Assembly is given in the document Exh.DN. Volunteers that the World Assembly is the modern name of ‘Silsil-e-Haqeeqat-e-Mohammadia’. It is incorrect that through this World Assembly I am trying to enforce ‘Khalifat-e-Uzma’. Khilafat is alive. It is correct that I wish renaissance of ‘Khalifat-Ala-Minhaj-ul-Nabua (Aman-e-Alam)’. Minhaj-ul-Nabua means to follow the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in letter and spirit. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) established Khilafat on His Minhaj on those days and even now the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) shall establish the same ‘Khailafat’ while I am nothing. It is correct that I have received the ‘Laqab’ of ‘Khalif-e-Azam’. It is correct that ‘Khilafat-e-Rashida’ was also on’Minhajul-Nabua’….

R.O. & A.C.




Statement of Mohammad Yousaf Ali,

accused Recalled on oath.

XXXXX By the learned counsel for complainant.

… I do not know as to which is the abbreviation of D.N.A., which I have referred in my statement. However, I agree on explaining the meaning of the D.N.A., by the learned counsel for the complainant and it could be ‘Deoxyriovo-Nulic-Acid. I do not remember the name of the Scientists or the group of Scientists, who claim that it has been claimed that Holy Quran has been recorded in D.N.A. Volunteers that I read so in the Internet from USA and I can produce the document in this regard and I also refer Surat Rehman Verses 1, 2 and 3 and Allama Mohammad Iqbal, already explained by me. It is correct that D.N.A, is a Test, as a consequence of which in case of refusal there can be a comparison of blood as it happened in the matter of Sita White and Imran Khan…

Judge’s Discussion and Verdict on The Certificate of Khalifa e Azam

What follows below is the discussion and verdict of the honorable judge on the certificate of Khalifa e Azam produced by Yusuf Ali in court. The honorable judge in his judgement on the Yusuf Kazab case discussed each and every witness and each and every evidence at length in his judgement. It is worthwhile to note here, that in the discussion of the certificate of Khalifa e Azam, the judge states that:

After analyzing this document, I am forced to say that there is no need to examine the prosecution evidence in presence of this original document, which itself is sufficient to declare Yousaf, accused, as ‘KAFIR’ AND ‘MURTAD’

R.O & A.C.




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