Promised Imam Mehdi buried in Afghanistan 600 years ago

Promised Imam Mehdi buried in Afghanistan 600 years ago :

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1. Personal

Dr. Syed Asadulla is a retired member of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has taught courses in Mathematics Concepts, Calculus for Engineers, Linear Algebra, Elementary Statistics, Business Mathematics, Statistics for Students in the Sciences, Statistical Methods, Mathematical Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Real Analysis, Complex Variables, and Number Theory. His research interest is in number theory, and he has published a number of papers in The Journal of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Pakistan), The Mathematical Gazette (UK), The College Mathematics Journal (USA), Mathematics Teacher (USA), and the International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (USA). He has presented a number of papers at the meetings of The American Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Association of America, and The Canadian Mathematical Society. He is a member of the Canadian Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, American Mathematical Society, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Life Member of The Punjab Mathematical Society.
At St. Francis Xavier University, he has served as a member of the University Senate for three years, Secretary of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science for several years, Secretary of Library Committee for three years, Secretary of the Faculty of Science for three years, and Secretary of the University Faculty for two years.
He obtained his B.Sc (Honours) degree in Mathematics from the University of Mysore (India) in 1955 and his M.Sc degree in Mathematics from the University of Karachi (Pakistan) in 1956.  He went to the U.S.A on a Fulbright Scholarship in 1961 and earned his Ph.D degree in Mathematics from the University of Florida in 1966.

He was employed by Syed Raza Ali College, Karachi (Pakistan) from 1955 to 1961, where he worked as Head of the Department of Mathematics and as Chairman (Dean) of the Faculty of Science, and also officiated as Principal.   He also worked as Co-operative
Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Karachi (Pakistan) from 1957 to 1961.   While studying for his Ph.D degree at the University of Florida, he worked as interim instructor in Mathematics.   He was employed by Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, U.S.A from 1966 to 1968 as Assistant Professor of Mathematics.   He then moved to Canada and taught Mathematics at Saint Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia from 1968 to 1998.

He and his wife, Bibijan (his second cousin), were born in Channapatna, Karnataka State, India. They performed Umrah (little pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina) with his mother in 1968 and Hajj (regular pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina) with six members of her family in 2008. They have built a house in their hometown in India and they left for India permanently on June 21, 2001.


2. Islam and Jesus

The Asadulla’s are Muslims and their religion is Islam.  Muslims do not consider Jesus (Peace be upon Him) as Son of God, but son of the Virgin Mary (Peace be upon Her), and a Prophet. Mohammed (Peace be upon Him), is the last Prophet sent by God. Muslims believe in the second coming of Jesus (Peace be upon Him), before the end of the world.


3. Islam – The Promised Mehdi

Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him) had said that after his death, a great wali (religious leader) will come to this world. His name will be the same as his, his father’s name will be the same as his father’s name, and his mother’s name will be the same as his mother’s name. The wali Mehdi alai-his-salam with the above attributes was born in Juanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India about 600 years ago. He preached Islam and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him) in various parts of India, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. At the age of 54, he declared himself to be the Promised Mehdi in Mekkah during pilgrimage. He died when he was 63-years-old, the same age at which Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him) died. He was buried at a place between Farah and Reich in Afghanistan. Muslims who believe in him (the wali Mehdi alai-his-salam) are called Mehdavis and the Asadulla’s are two of them. Some Muslims are still awaiting his arrival. Muslims interested in knowing more about him may contact Asadulla through e-mail (
A few of the miracles of Mehdi alai-his-salam are mentioned below. a) Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) greatest miracle to prove his prophethood was the Quran (Holy Book), which was revealed to him through angel Gabriel. Similarly, the greatest miracle of Mehdi (AHS) was bayan-e-Quran (explanation of Quran). Allah had said in the Quran, “Summa-inna-alaina- bayanahu” (the real explanation of the Quran will come from us). The Mehdi (AHS) said, “This verse is regarding me. My bayan-e-Quran (explanation of the Quran) is always based directly on what I learn from Allah.” The influence of his bayan-e-Quran was so tremendous that the audience would be spellbound, and some of them would lose consciousness. When he explained the Quran before thousands of people, the brightness of the supernatural light on his face was enough to make them tremble in their hearts.
b) The Mehdi (AHS) prior to his demise, offered Namaz-e-vitar (last prayer in namaz-e-ishah) after the performance of Friday’s prayer in the Jamia Masjid in Farah. One learned person observed, “If he is indeed Mehdi (AHS), he will die before next Friday. I have read that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) also performed the namaz-e-vitar one Friday and passed away before the next Friday.” Miraculously, the Mehdi (AHS) also passed away before the next Friday.
c) After the demise of the Mehdi (AHS), when the coffin was ready, a dispute arose between the people of Farah and of Reich, regarding the place of his burial. The people from Farah wanted him to be buried in Farah, since he had been residing there and had also expired in the same place. The people of Reich argued, on the other hand, that he used to go there for Friday’s prayer and was always very kind to them, therefore, they said, he should be buried in Reich. Both parties remained adamant, and swords were drawn for a fight. At this stage, the successors of the Mehdi (AHS) decided that the Mehdi (AHS) would be buried at a place of his own choosing. When the coffin reached a spot which was equidistant from Farah and Reich, it became so heavy, that nobody had the strength to move it farther. The people saw this miracle and were convinced that the burial was destined to take place at the central spot.
d) The Mehdi (AHS) in his last moments on this planet said, “If anyone has any doubts about me being Medhi, he should look for my body after it is placed in the grave. If it is found there, then I was not Mehdi.” At the time of burial, when the body was placed in the grave, the shroud was opened and was found empty.


4. Islam and Arithmetic

I have found many relationships between Islam and Arithmetic.   Here are some examples:

1. Islam has five pillars; (a) declaration of faith (b) namaz (prayer) (c) fast in the month of Ramzan (9th month of the Islamic Calendar) (d) Zakath (charity) and (e) Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).   The reason for the number five is that the word Islam, written in english or urdu  consists of five letters.

2. Muslims, followers of Islam, are required to pray five times a day.  Here the reason for the number five is that when Prophet Mohammed( PBUH ) went on the journey of MERAJ to meet Allah (God) on His invitation, He prescribed five prayers every day for the followers of Islam.   The word MERAJ, written in english or urdu consists of five letters.

3. There are 114 suras (chapters) in the Holy Quran—-sum of the digits of 114 is 6, which is the number of days in which Allah created the Universe.

4. Birthday of Hazrath Mehdi (AHS) is 14th of Jamadi-ul-Awwal ( 5th month of the Islamic Calendar ) of 847 hijri.   The number 14 in indicated by the 14 parts of 5 fingers of one hand of every human being and the birth month 5 is indicated  by the 5 fingers of one hand of every human being——sum of the digits of 14 is 5, which is the birth month—–Hijri calendar started when Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) migrated from Mecca to Madina.

5. Hazrath Mehdi (AHS) died on the 19th of Zee Quaida ( 11th month of the Islamic Calendar ) of 910 hijri.   His date of death is hidden in his date of birth.   Here is the explanation:  Add 14, the date of his birth and 5, the month of his birth to get 19, which is the date of his death—–sum of 14 and 5 is 19—sum of the digits of 847 is also 19—-sum of these two 19’s is 38—-sum of the digits of 38 is 11, which is the month of his death.   Finally to get the hijri of his death from the hijri of his birth, sum of the digits of 847 is 19, which can be written as 019 and reversing these digits, we get 910, which is the hijri of his death.

More such examples can be found in my ilogs in


5. Bibijan’s Miracle Prayers

Bibijan is thankful to Allah (God) for answering most of her Miracle Prayers since 1989. She prays not only for Muslims, but for all human beings. The testimony of her prayers is her husband’s continued existence on this planet. Some people who were blind, deaf, dumb, and some inflicted with polio, cancer etc have been cured. She prays only for those inflicted with incurable diseases and for those who have serious personal problems. So far she has prayed for about 8000 people and most of her prayers have been answered.
Anyone interested in her prayers may send an e-mail to: They will be contacted as soon as possible.


Mailing Address:
Dr. Syed Asadulla
Bibijan Manzil

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One thought on “Promised Imam Mehdi buried in Afghanistan 600 years ago

  1. Syed Farhan November 4, 2012 at 8:50 pm Reply

    As salaam wa alaikum asad saab.My Materal Grand Father was your School Teacher at channapatna.His name is Marhoom Syed Ashroff Dilawari.your class teacher.My mother always tells old stories about you how you helped Mehdavia students by giving monetary help to the needful.

    Thank you
    Farhan Syed

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