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HAr ek ka hai Islam ehaaN – you tube

Hesham Syed recites his poem :


Useful or Useless iDiOtS

Useful or Useless iDiOtS : Continue reading

Mardood e Kamil – Poem

Mardood e Kamil – Nazm : Hesham Syed Continue reading


Nashid : Poet Hesham Syed : Singer Aamir Saeed Continue reading

Jesus(pbuh) and his return

Jesus(pbuh) and his return Continue reading

Ghuzwat ul Hind – my recent comment

Ghuzwat ul Hind – My recent comment : Hesham Syed Continue reading

Yusuf Kazab – false certificate of khilafat Uzma

Yusuf Kazab – false certificate of khilafat Uzma – he produced to the court claiming that it was delivered to him by shah ahmed ghazi – a saint died a few hundred years ago buried in Karachi and that this certificate was attested by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ( rua ) Continue reading